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ART 202(g) Introduction to Metalsmithing
Introduction to aesthetic and technical pursuits of contemporary jewelry and metalsmithing at a beginning level.


ART 386(a) Metal Casting and Fabrication: This course offers various methods of casting: centrifical, vacuum and cuttlebone casting with advanced techniques involved in fabrication.

ART 386(b) Metal Forming and Fabrication: This course offers various metal forming processes; chasing and repousse, fold forming, angle raising: symmetrical and asymmetrical, and hydraulic press forming with advanced fabrication.

ART 386(c) Color on Metal and Fabrication: This course offers various color on metal processes: enameling (various application processes: limoges, drawing techniques, champlevé, cloisonné, ceramic decals), powder coating, aluminum anodizing. 

ART 486 Research in Metalsmithing:
Concentrated research in advanced metalsmithing techniques and concepts. Rotating special topics covered including: advanced surface techniques (reticulation, keum-boo, granulation, marriage of metal, filigree), advanced fabrication processes, and stone setting. 

May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours.


Design Positions in Industry and Manufacturing:

  • Accessory designer for one of a kind or mass produced jewelry

  • Bench jeweler

  • Mold maker for one of a kind or mass produced jewelry

  • Model maker for architectural firms

  • Product designer for various consumer goods including; hollowware/tableware, furniture and architectural elements

  • Studio technician



  • High school and university level teaching positions

  • Instructors at community art centers

  • Workshops and visiting artist opportunities


Fine Arts:

  • Studio artist producing functional, sculptural, ornamental, and/or wearable pieces for sale at galleries and art fairs

  • Bridal Jewelry and accessories

  • Produce work on a commission basis


Museum/Gallery Positions

  • Art critic

  • Art appraiser

  • Curatorial/museum worker

  • Gallery director/owner

  • Metallurgist

  • Restoration specialist