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main room overview
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The Art and Design studio areas recently moved into a newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility on the main SIUE campus. The metalsmithing/jewelry studio is generously equipped to accommodate student exploration of numerous processes and techniques within the field. The Metalworking/Jewelry studio consists of a large communal workspace for students providing ample work space and access to soldering and annealing torches. The studio also includes separate rooms for enameling, buffing/finishing, casting, forming, and chemical processes. Graduate students are provided with individual studio spaces (24-hour access) and a separate soldering room.​

Main Studio:

  • 22 Metalsmithing benches for undergraduate students

  • Individual studios for MFA students complete with separate soldering room and additional ventilation in each studio

  • Annealing and soldering stations

  • A wide range of hand tools

  • Full-size drill press and miniature precision drill press

  • Bending brake

  • Manual and electric rolling mills

  • Beverly and guillotine Shears

  • Lighting tent and additional photography equipment


Enameling Room:

  • Multiple kilns

  • Variety of kiln furniture and firing tools


Buffing/Grinding Room:

  • Multiple polishing stations with particulate collection systems

  • Tumbler and ultrasonic equipment

  • Steel bench grinders

  • Combination sander

  • Miniature belt sander

  • Sandblaster


Casting and Mold Making Equipment:

  • Centrifugal and vacuum casting machines

  • Mold making equipment

  • Pressurized wax injector


Chemical Room:

  • Large copper electroforming bath (35-gallon tank)

  • Aluminum anodizing equipment

  • Powder coating equipment with ventilation

Hammer/Forming Room:

  • 20-ton hydraulic press

  • 50-ton hydraulic press

  • Deep drawing equipment

  • Anvils

  • Variety of forming stakes (standard size stakes and FRETZ mini stakes)

  • Variety of hammers including raising, ball peen, cross peen, planishing, forging hammers as well as rawhide forming mallets

  • Chasing and repoussé equipment


Digital Fabrication Lab:

  • MakerBot Z18 3-D printer

  • MakerBot 3-D scanner

  • 28” Vinyl plotter

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